The Men of the Irrelevant Society stand with women against violence

Our Passion

Twenty percent of our profits are donated to organisations that educate about and provide support to women facing violence, but more than that our hope is that our clothes will become tokens of a brotherhood united against violence; that they will be worn, gifted and passed down with conviction, style and pride.

Our Clothes

Our clothes are simple, well-cut and look good on. They are made for hiking and reading and lazy family days and they don’t look out of place at a party. We promise that our clothing will always be made in safe and fair work environments, places with fair wages and fair working hours.

Our Promise

We’ll also try to tread lightly on the earth that we share and we’ll help you to do the same. Look out for our carbon neutral organic cotton and bamboo ranges and plant your swing tag in a sunny spot somewhere to turn your consumer waste into fragrant basil!

Who we are

When you start to pay attention, the men of the Irrelevant Society are everywhere. They are surfers, poets and lawyers; they are serving you the first coffee of the morning, riding their bike past you on the street and teaching your kids at school. They are ordinary men from all over Australia bound together because they stand with women against violence and are willing to wear their beliefs with conviction.

At the Irrelevant Society we want to see an end to violence against women and though the road seems long we agree with Mr Mandela “It always seems impossible until it is done”.

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100% Recycled Polyester Jacket


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